Eliminating The Scary Part of Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

business consulting strategy Nov 17, 2022

   The best part of having a business that's growing is that you're experiencing growth & see that all your hard work is paying off. The scariest thing is that now, you don't have the capacity to do everything yourself. That means that you have to hand off tasks & hire help to keep business running as a well oiled machine. 

   Training new team members can be a real headache. A Standard Operating Procedure can make the daunting tasks a lot less painful. It's important to document processes of how you keep things flowing. When you keep track of these things: 

  • You make the training process a lot easier on you & your contractors & employees
  • Ensure everything is going according to schedule
  • Give your team the tools to avoid mistakes
  • Help your team work efficiently

   Here are my top few tips to help you build an SOP that's practical & works for every moving part of your business.

1. Keep it simple

Keep in mind that this is a reference guide to keep your business run smoothly. It should be clear & straight to the point.

2. Choose a format that works for you. 

This could be tasks on a Monday board, a flowchart or even a list of steps on a Canva designed book. All of your processes don't have to be forced into one mega document. This needs to be easy to digest so that your team can do their jobs effortlessly.

3. Watch your language

Your audience should always be at the front of your mind. The language & jargon that you choose to use should align with your customers & your team. Also, the team won't be reading the manual for fun so keep it short as possible. The easier it is to comprehend, the more your team will stay on task while reading. The worst that can happen is for their mind to wander. 

4. Add Video Tutorials

Each task should have a short video of that exact task attached to it. People learn different ways so it helps your team to understand exactly what their tasks look like. You can do this on Zoom or Loom & post it as unlisted to YouTube with a direct link right in the SOP.

5. Have your Team Participate

   Your team is responsible for checking off tasks. You should not be micromanaging your team. Business requires contractors & employees who are self starters. The team should be able to make decisions for their tasks without holding up progress by reaching out to you daily. 

   While creating an SOP isn't glamourous, it is worth your time. It's essential to training a high performing team. 



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