How To Position Your Business Decisions (Plus, Tips To Stay Productive)

business consulting strategy Dec 06, 2022
Waiting until your business is in a down season to create a strategy is REACTIVE. Reactive is usually noticed the most when damage control is needed. Being PROACTIVE is anticipating challenges & being prepared with tools & strategy. 
As the economy shifts, planning ahead can help you easily pivot when necessary. 
1. Identify core values & purpose of your business & your customers so that both work together. What values do your customers live by? Why are they important to them?
2. Lean into your ideal clients pains & the journey they need to solve the pains. What needs to happen for your customers after they purchase? What else do they need from you to make the customer experience top tier?
3. Leverage feedback & data by listening to what your customers love & need & what they hated. Customers don't mind telling you what they liked, who else they shopped with & how it made them feel. 
4. Stand apart & set trends. When you follow the masses, the m usually ends up being silent.
5. Tap into your convictions by trusting your gut. Confidence & clarity go hand in hand. You need both to be victorious in business. 
6. Invest in your business structure. Lack of structure means that there’s a lack of growth capacity. What would happen if you got 80 sales in 30 days, would you succeed or drop the ball & be stressed? Your business systems are to help you through the growth & scaling phases. 
7. Communicate your secret sauce. What do you do better than competitors. What area of your niche do you thrive in? That's where you'll find rhythm in your revenue. 
8. Identify innovative techniques being used outside of your niche. You may be able to incorporate other tactics & explode your business. Ex: The clothing Brand Swank A Posh dominated the boutique industry. While many were putting clothes on mannequins, they were showing a model putting on the clothing to show that it is true to size & how it fits. This communicated directly with two pain points that online shoppers have. 1. Wondering if it's true to size. 2. Thinking of how it will fit their body type.
9. Practice assertiveness not impulse. Any millionaire will tell you that self control is directly intertwined with proactive & reactive decisions. Impulse is usually triggered by emotions. 
Think of it as studying for an exam ahead of time to be proactive vs cramming the night before is reactive.


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