Most Impactful Books of 2022

business Dec 05, 2022

    I love to read books. It's always been a vibe since I was a young girl. I did have to get used to reading business books instead of urban novels but I'm glad I made the adjustment. My top picks for 2022 are three of the impactful books that I've ever read! Let's get into it.

  1. Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Waltz

 This book changed the way that I think. It dives into experiencing reality through imagination & rewiring our brains. This book taught me that anything is possible! It taught me that we control our view on reality, self-image, habits, and confidence simply by our beliefs. Before we can achieve anything, we have to see it & believe it in our minds. The things we imagine become our reality. This is directly tied to why we cannot un-see our goals, passions & visions. Once we imagine it, we unlock the ability to make it become a reality. Imagine living the life that you picture in your head. The impact, the community, the house, the car & vacations that you desire. The thing is, we have to overcome the fear of failure in order to obtain anything we desire. 

  1. 12 Week Year by Brian Moran

 Setting measurable goals that have predictability can change the game for business. This approach is to let's be great at a few things instead of mediocre with many. The reason for planning is so that it can be actionable & executed. I learned how to take a few goals & build out the critical tactics to support them. The more focused your planning is, the more probability you have to achieve it. The support comes from tools & events that help the plan so that it can be easily implemented, even on the days that we need to be more disciplined. Imagine mastering planning on a bigger scale & seeing results! It took me about 80 hours to plan the first time, but I was able to measure my gaps & do it in about 8 hours the next time. (I did not do this all in one sitting, obviously.)

  1. 100Million Dollar Offer by Alex Hormozi

 Many of us start our businesses on a race straight to the bottom. We start competing on price. The book is about making offers so good that your audience can't say no. We are identifyingfying the right markets, the subgroups, starting with the solutions & how to grow them. The author has a million-dollar offer! Crafting offers that can truly be a solution instead of offering discounts to make an offer look good. You've seen people online say $10,000 worth of goodies for $17, right? He discusses that when people do that, the offers aren’t worth it. A high value means a high price. We don't see Tesla & Bentley having massive sales because they have value. I learned the framework for building successful businesses. We cannot run business with emotions, we need to move based on logic. 

   I love a good strategy book! I'm willing to read anything that can teach me how to improve my mindset, life, business & even my parenting style! I highly recommend these three books. I listened to audiobooks & got the physical book because it increases reading speeds. Plus, it helped me stay focused so I could read & understand effectively. 



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