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advertising branding business consulting Nov 17, 2022


Hi there!

I’m Melanie Druery Allen.

I am more than a Marketing Consultant. I am your business partner, dedicated to helping you elevate your business higher with marketing strategies that set you apart from your competitors. I am the founder of Hype Marketing House, specializing in branding, marketing, advertising and consulting. I support struggling business owners, those who are ready to grow, small businesses and established companies to scale and experience exponential growth. 


I am fueled by a passion for supporting businesses to grow and blossom. In 202, I supported 2,300 online businesses and 32 corporate brands amidst the turbulent ,market dynamics experienced after the pandemic. I have helped small businesses to successfully gain a competitive edge over major industry players without the overheads of running a fully-fledged marketing department.

Hailing from a family that has been in successful businesses over the decades, I have a knack for entrepreneurship honed from a tender age. My grandparents started a black-owned business in 1975 that thrives to dateI spent my earlier years learning how to work in a traditional brick and mortar business where I was involved in marketing, ads and virtual assistant work for 16 years. This opportunity sharpened my skills and paved the way for my entrepreneurship journey.

After studying Network Marketing in 2011, I opened my fitness business in 2013a successful venture wrapped into fitness boutique. I have acquired rich insights about running businesses on social media. I combined this knowledge with the skills I have attained in my 33 years of life and started helping other businesses gain clients, sales and followers. 

will help you create a unique brand identity that resonates with your target audience and gives you an edge in the ever-evolving, competitive market. With compassionate guidance, I will help you focus your marketing efforts on achieving your set business goals.

Our business has been featured in Authority Magazine,Thrive Global Magazine & InfluencHer Magazine for marketing and advertising.

If you are seeking to improve your brand visibility, take the first step! We're excited to help you! Book a consultation with us. 


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