Faith-Based Entrepreneurship: What it Means

business consulting strategy Dec 10, 2022

Faith-Based Entrepreneurship: What it Means


My businesses as you see them today were born out of faith. From the ideas that travel through my mind, to the passion that burns in my soul to get my clients results, faith is the foundational and essential element that holds it (and me) together. 


There is no way I could own and operate several businesses as a wife and mother of six without God’s guidance and His grace. Let’s be clear, I’m not married for the title, image, or other vain reasons. I love my husband and I’m committed to the work that makes marriage work. That commitment requires me to show up everyday in love and service to my husband and family. 


Have you ever had a toddler?? Do you know the level of havoc those tiny humans can cause? I love all of my children with every part of me, but as Bishop T.D. Jakes says, “More simply means more.” More cleaning, more cooking, more sibling fighting, more doctors appointments, more carpool lines, more laundry, and more overall responsibility. Most importantly, having six children means more love and attention needed from mama. Understand I do it with gladness, but it requires me to show up fully.


Why haven’t you talked about being a faith-based entrepreneur yet? 


What faith-based entrepreneurship is:


I have. Don’t miss the first lesson. Operating by faith in business is putting God and His will as priority in every area of your life. As Faith-based entrepreneurs, we worship God.  We don’t worship our money or the recognition received from providing great products and services. God is a God of family and when I put the ministry of family first (i.e., God’s business), God is obligated to bless and take care of the rest (i.e., my business). God’s will is always lesson #1.


This is an aside for all you tired and frustrated mama’s. Don’t forget your children aren’t little distractions keeping you away from your dreams. Recall that God says they are blessings from above. I have a personal practice of leaning out of work to tap into them when their behavior is beckoning my attention. Start putting your children before your business and as you commit to bless God’s institution, you’ll get to watch Him bless yours. Remember, this takes faith! 


There are many people who believe they are faith-based entrepreneurs. The definition I have of a faith-based entrepreneur stems from my personal journey with Christ. It is also the measure by which I determine if others who claim the title also live and operate by the standard.


Here’s my definition of what it means to be a faith-based entrepreneur:


Faith-based entrepreneur: Someone who recognizes their purpose to obediently follow God to create for the world what God put on the inside of them. Their aim is to use their business to glorify God, and as a result, He blesses the works of their hand.

Check this out - Notice that my definition is not limited to financial gain. That’s because, as a faith-based entrepreneur, the blessings exceed far beyond monetary value. Don’t get me wrong, we’re going to work hard and charge what we’re worth, but we also recognize that the blessings that come from trusting God far exceed a dollar amount, and this life. There are eternal rewards for representing God in the marketplace, being the salt of the world, and obeying God at every twist and turn of life. That includes how you operate in your business.


Key principles I live by as a faith-based entrepreneur:


God and I have alone time every day, no matter what. 


There will always be a reason not to spend time with God. Fatigue, not feeling like it, so much work to do, so many things to get done, running behind, etc. If you look for an excuse, you’ll find one. Every morning I come to the office, I have quiet time with God. I allow the Lord to fill my cup before the day fills me with its demands. 


Prayer is a critical element of business decisions and customer interactions. 


Just like my personal life, I am led by the Lord in leading my team, talking with and consulting my customers, and making decisions that move my business forward. I often stop and ask, “but did you pray though?”. What God said is what goes. Period. Exclamation point. I have never gone wrong obeying God.


Get the lesson and you’ll get the blessing.


God is always dropping wisdom, whether it’s through experience because we have to learn the lesson, or through listening. Someone else has already lived the lesson and we get the wisdom from them. Either way, get the lesson and you’ll get the blessing. We are rewarded in the kingdom for not rejecting knowledge, asking for and seeking wisdom, and applying it to our lives. I am committed to being a student of The Word and a life-long learner. And you should too! What are you reading? Who is mentoring and cultivating you? What areas are you weak in and need development? Having a growth mindset is sure to produce results.


What faith-based entrepreneurship is not:


  • Claiming that you love and identify with a particular faith and/or belief system to manipulate consumers into buying your product or service. This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Rest assured exposure is coming.
  • Using faith as a weapon to exploit vulnerable populations for your personal gain. This is illegal and you should be in jail.
  • Using the name “faith-based entrepreneur” to cover for your lack of character and integrity. This is outright deceptive, and unfortunately common.


My journey as a faith-based entrepreneur has been filled with laughs, tears, lessons, and blessings. I recognize that everyone’s journey is individual and unique. Think about what being a faith-based entrepreneur means to you. I can help you on this journey by providing support, community, and experience along this journey. Skip over some of the hard lessons I learned by listening. Let’s connect!


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