Business System Your Way To Success

business marketing strategy Dec 06, 2022

Business systems are the structure that sets up the foundation for growth. Each system that you choose should align with your business needs, workflows, client experiences, employee needs & staying organized. 

My top 4 business systems that I use in my Coaching Brands are: 

1. is used for tracking my teams tasks, collecting leads, tracking sales, important client dates & calls & it's where I create my strategies. 

2. Kajabi is where my heart resides! It houses courses, products, communities (similar to a facebook group,) landing pages, websites, opt in pages, blogs & emails. This one system alone can eliminate 10 other systems such as klayvio, teachable, wix, etc. It is more expensive but in the end, it save money because it cuts out so many other systems. (Here's a coupon code to try it.

3. 17Hats is an amazing organizational tool. My questionnaires, contracts, payments, client files & meeting schedules are all in one central location that syncs directly to my phone. The level of convenience is unmatched! (Here's a coupon code:

4. Trello is where I plan my content. The system makes it easy to stay organized day by day & everything can be customized to fit unique needs. 

Having the right systems is setting up the play for growth. The right systems increase your capacity to grow your business while eliminating the overwhelm. There's nothing like good automation & less things that you're required to keep up with!


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