3 Things I Wish I’d Known About Entrepreneurship

business marketing strategy Nov 17, 2022

Let’s spin the block & get straight to it… Entrepreneurship is hard! Some days we wanna throw the whole business away! Then we remember that the vision that God gave us didn’t include a template because we were called to create it. (Read that last sentence again!) 

When I first started my online journey, there were 3 key things that I wish I’d known or had access to.. 

1. Understanding marketing (and implementation)

I thought I could buy some inventory & post it & get sales. In reality, you can but most of us don’t have our soulmate audience hanging out on our page. It’s sooo many resources but nobody actually tells you what to say & how to attract them..

2. Being an entrepreneur will test your confidence. 

You know your prices are set too low. The gag is you set them that low so your audience could afford them. The truth is, you didn’t do proper research to know what they can truly afford. Also, no research was done to see where your profit margins are.. So even though a couple people inboxed you to negotiate, that doesn’t mean your whole audience will be like that. You know your products are dope but now you’re in the nightmare of wanting to scale but without proper price margins, you’re scaling straight to a burnout.

3. Having a strategy in place 

This is the most common one because so many go to YouTube or Google & the fact is that, the strategy isn’t catered to your niche & it’s not broken down into step by step actions. So you’re still frustrated. 

Bonus 4. Nurturing & Funnels aren’t in place.

A common misconception is that funnels have to be this huge display of where each person needs to be.. That’s actually false. You don’t need a $2000 funnel, you just need a funnel process, sis. Funnels are completely pointless if you don’t know how to nurture & communicate with your audience in order for them to become traffic.. 

Guess what tho, I got you! I’m hosting an Incubator Program on 1/1 on that will cover all the bases on what you need to do. Doing it “my way” has helped over 1,000 online businesses make $1,000 per week & it’s easy to duplicate! This is the link



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